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Seller's Disclosure Act of 1993
Instructor: John Henderson

0:12 Minutes

Module 1 - Lesson 4 Self Assessment Review:

(We suggest you print this page as a study guide for the final exam)


Question 4-1 Sellers must act in good faith, to be honest when completing the Sellers Disclosure:

Correct Answer: True

Question 4-2 Seller’s agents must provide a copy of the Seller’s Disclosure to the public:

Correct Answer: True


Question 4-3 A municipality may not create an additional disclosures beyond the Seller’s Disclosure in connection with a transaction:


Correct Answer: False

Question 4-4 A seller’s agent can by liable for violating the Seller’s Disclosure Act by:


Correct Answer: Knowingly acting in concert with a seller to violate the Act.

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