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What Your Client Really Thinks About You

A recent study about salesmanship explains what really influences a client’s decision making. Here are the top 10 reasons – in order – why a client chooses to work with an agent.

Here’s the list:

1. I like my sales representative.

2. I understand the services I am buying.

3. I perceive a difference in the person/company I am buying from.

4. I perceive a value in the service I am buying.

5. I believe my sales representative.

6. I have confidence in my sales rep.

7. I trust my sales representative.

8. I am comfortable with my sales rep.

9. I feel there is a fit between my needs and my sales representative’s abilities.

10. The price seems fair but it’s not necessarily the lowest.

These qualities can be easily mastered. Being likable, describing what you do and how you do it, contrasting your services from other agents, explaining the value you bring, and exuding confidence and trustworthiness sets apart successful agents from the rest. It’s really that simple.

This has always been a “know you – like you – trust you” type of business. While everyone else is looking for a magic bullet marketing plan, my advice is to develop yourself into the type of agent that clients want to do business with.

YOU are your very best marketing plan.


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