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What if COVID lasts another year?

15 days to flatten the curve.

And then another 15.

And then another.

Now it’s been a whole year.

No one thought we’d still be wearing masks and social distancing a year ago. And yet, here we are. Agents in our office run the entire spectrum of what they feel about it. Some support the governor’s mandates while others, said politely, don’t.

Here’s the question that matters: How has the pandemic changed the way you practice real estate? Many agents have embraced working from a home office. And now, they’re asking themselves why they continue to pay their broker extra just to have an office they seldom use.

Our brokerage has always encouraged the use of home offices. Most meetings occur in the client’s home or at houses being toured or the occasional local coffee shop. For real estate agents, there are very few instances where a public office is necessary. Home offices save money. In fact, that’s why our brokerage is able to pay agents 100% commissions and no monthly office charges. We have very little financial overhead. We planned it that way purposely – for your benefit.

As you consider the best path forward for your real estate career, please consider coming onboard with our team. We care about you, your family and your future.

Looking for a broker that offers 100% commissions? We’re looking for you…

The ZERO COST transfer promise: Free signs and business cards.

Join our brokerage for zero costs. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Need to park your real estate license? We can help with that too…

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