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Prepare for Springtime Success

February is the launching pad for real estate success.

While others are dreaming of living in a warmer climate, you’re looking forward to this year’s selling season, organizing your marketing efforts and making plans to reach your goals.

It’s time to start

Planning the work

And working the plan

Here are 4 things you should be doing this week…

Clean Up.

Take a look at all your marketing materials and social media sites. Does it need freshening? If you’re hell-bent on reaching high goals this year, don’t start out with stale material. Update photos and old data. No one wants to see your rusty bent yard signs or an old photo of yourself that doesn’t even resemble you anymore.

Size Up.

Some agents are just going around in circles. It’s time for you to laser focus on your best path towards success. What are your core competencies? Another way to ask this is, where did you shine as an agent over this past year? Can you identify a type of client that seems to prefer you and your style of doing business? Maybe that’s where you should focus your energy. I remember one agent that was wildly successful yet totally different from me. I’m a khaki pants and button-down shirt kind of guy. He is a Harley riding, jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. He always wore biker boots and a wallet with a chain linked to his belt – even on listing appointments. He met many of his clients at a local biker bar. His clients liked and connected with him. He was able to reach a category of clients that I could not. And vice-versa. Take time to size yourself up. Focus on clients and neighborhoods that you know and appreciate. Get an edge over your competition.

Reach out.

Take the time to gather and organize your contact/mailing list. Include current and former clients, family and friends. You’d be surprised to realize how many people on your list have forgotten you work in real estate. A little reminder will help. While you’re at it, set a few coffee dates with anyone who has referred business to you in the past. These folks are mavens and their referrals are gold


Move out.

Isn’t the last step always about action? I’ve employed many agents who were great thinkers. They came up with brilliant marketing ideas – but were mentally and emotionally paralyzed when it came down to implementation. They just couldn’t do it. As you would guess, anyone who won’t start “planning the work and then working the plan” will not last long as a real estate agent.

But today, you can prepare for success.


Close your eyes and dream of a brokerage that offers 100% commission, flexibility, strong mentoring, excellent agent support and will cover your cost to transfer including business cards and yard signs. Now open your eyes…

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