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How to List Homes Easily - even in THIS market.

Try this language on your next listing appointment or telephone solicitation:

“Ms. Seller, the truth is you don’t need a real estate agent to sell a home in today’s crazy market. You can just plant a FOR SALE sign and you’ll get plenty of calls. Some calls will be from qualified buyers, some from tire-kickers just shopping around and plenty of calls from agents trying to list your home.


In the current market, we’re seeing offers 10-20% or more over the asking price. Buyers often waive, shorten or minimize inspections and they are guaranteeing to make up any appraisal short fall with extra cash. Unfortunately, many For Sale By Owners are missing out on these benefits because they are not reaching the largest group of most qualified buyers.

Here’s my marketing plan:

I’ll advertise your home on the MLS which reaches thousands of pre-qualified buyers. These buyers are frustrated by the current market because they’ve missed out on several bids already. They will gladly pay more for your home.

If you allow me to advertise your home at the high-end of a “fair” price, I can assure you’ll see dozens of cars parked along your street waiting to tour your home. With more buyers competing for your home, the price will rise.

And it will be fast. We’ll compress the touring dates to create even more upward pressure to get top dollar. We’ll list it on Thursday, keep it open for tours Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and we’ll review offers on Monday. We’ll review the highest and best qualified offers – and I’ll negotiate to get the best out of each of them.

Now, I know no one wants to pay real estate agent commissions. But if I can get you more money – substantially more than I’ll earn – wouldn’t it be worth it to you?”

Try it and tell me how it works for you. And never forget the old real estate saying, “If you list, you last!”


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