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How to Fix a Sagging Career

Here are two enemies that want to suck the life out of your real estate career. Seems to me, most agent’s problems can be solved by killing off these two beasts. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you slay them, like zombies they always come back.

Successful agents control this stuff daily.

Unsuccessful agents don’t.

“Take time to plan your work

And work your plan.”

PROCRASTINATION – Whether you use the term procrastinate, slothful or just plain lazy, the desire to put off until tomorrow what should be done today is a real problem for most people. You can see it in every vocation that involves sales. Just stop by any coffee house or bookstore. During the prime selling times throughout the day, you can find well-dressed people (I bet many are salespeople) wasting time. Taking a nap or extending coffee breaks won’t put cash into your pockets. Stalling won’t either. Action will. The best antidote for procrastination is training and a good plan.

PERFECTIONISM – A near relative of procrastination, perfectionism is the decision to wait until conditions are ideal before acting. Agents get paralyzed with inaction. They want everything to be flawless before moving forward. Waiting for the picture-perfect moment will never come. Nothing is perfect and waiting will not make it any easier. If you’re a perfectionist, your training will never be enough. You will never have the perfect words. You can never purchase the perfect marketing plan. There are no perfect clients. Precision – which is pretty close to perfection, only comes through trial and error.

So, what’s slowing you down today? Real estate is the world’s greatest business and you can become wildly successful in it. But you can’t allow procrastination or perfectionism to make you sluggish. If these issues are affecting your performance, get all the training, planning and confidence building you can. And then get moving. Success comes to those who chase it down. And those who wait will never catch it.


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