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Crazy Clients - and Agents that Don't Help

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I hate going to court. But every week we’re running into circumstances that keep forcing us toward legal action. We’re dealing with crazy people, and their agents aren’t helping at all.

I love being a broker but lately these weekly events are causing some real wear and tear. I’m getting inundated with client stories that seem a little crazier than the last one. I have a special ringtone for my agents, so I know when they’re calling. And since most don’t call often, it must be important when they do. That’s why I pick up the phone when I hear their ring.

Here’s a few things our agents have been dealing with recently:

If real estate were really easy,

Everyone would do it.


Agent lists a home and presents 3 offers that weekend. Seller asks for time to review the docs in private. Seemed like an odd request to the agent but he left copies to review. The seller walked next door and presented the highest offer in his hand to a neighbor who expressed interest in the property. The neighbor matched the offer. The next day, the seller called the agent, rejecting all offers presented and demanded to expire the listing contract. Apparently, the seller and neighbor only wanted to list the property in order to find out what the house was really worth. After plenty of communication (said nicely), the seller agreed to accept his neighbor’s offer and allow our agent to continue in his role to close the transaction.


Listing agent receives a mutual release (due to inspections) 4 days after the inspection period expires. The document requested the EMD be returned to the buyer. Their reason for the delay: “Well, the weekend was coming and we just didn’t have time to get around to it.” Our listing agent wrote a counter mutual release giving the EMD to the seller. The outcome? I don’t know. This story is playing out as I write this.


Agent represents a buyer and includes the washer and dryer, among other things in the purchase agreement. During a split closing, buyer signs a Bill of Sale which included the washer and dryer. Later that day, the seller closed. They changed their mind and decided to keep the appliances. Rather than stopping the closing and working towards a resolution - the seller crossed out the washer and dryer from the Bill of Sale and signed it. Without any notification from the listing agent or sellers, the buyer took possession later and found the appliances missing. In any other world, a simple call to the seller’s agent or broker would be enough. They would inform the seller of their legal responsibility and the appliances would be returned or the buyer compensated. Nope. Not today. The agent said his client was in the right because the font (which is a real estate board provided form) on the PA was too small to read – even though he could read the other personal property items mentioned. Wait. What?

These are the things I’m dealing with this week. How about you? Do you have transactions that are getting out of hand? Feel free to share – but keep names, companies and specifics out of it.

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