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How Smart Agents are Dealing with COVID-19

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Quick, answer this question:

During the quarantine have you been fretting about the future of your real estate business or have you been proactive, using it to build your brand?

No one should minimize the seriousness of COVID-19. Like every crisis, we need to care for those we love, follow government guidelines and look for ways to be salt and light in this world. However, there are two undeniable facts to consider: 1) At some point, this pandemic will end. 2) The real estate industry may look completely different than it did in recent years.

”Never let a good crisis go to waste.” - Rahm Emmanuel

Some things are urgent.

Some things are important.

Now is the time to deal with the important. (Because when sitting at home, nothing is urgent.)

You, like all great real estate agents are smart, creative and wear many “hats”. Right now there is plenty of time to manage marketing tasks you’ve been putting off. Connecting with people is the lifeblood of our business. Let them know you’re open for business! Here are a few things that our agents are doing right now…and so should you:

Download and learn to use software necessary to compete in today’s digital market. This pandemic has been eye opening for many older agents – it’s time to learn new ways of doing business. We recommend Zoom for virtual tours and client meetings and Dotloop to handle paperwork. What other programs have you found that are helpful to you?

Update your website. Offer coronavirus information and what services you’re able to provide for clients. We’ve added a form to our website so buyers and sellers can engage in the process. Check out our website update.

Connect with current sellers. Let them know houses are still selling. Buyers are still getting qualified even when temporarily laid off. Sellers are still getting top dollar for their houses. It’s still a seller’s market (and it soon may not be). Encourage your clients to participate in the selling process by hosting virtual open houses and virtual showings. Get those virtual events scheduled ASAP. Here’s a copy of what we’ve sent to our sellers…

PDF – Client instructions on hosting virtual open houses and showings.

Connect with current buyers. Let them know sellers are really interested in selling and are willing to host virtual events. Make sure they stay in communication with their lender and remain qualified for a mortgage. Educate them about the benefits of buying during this crisis: Less competition and competing offers and it’s perfectly acceptable to make an offer “contingent on buyer physically touring the property by XX date.” Explain how we’re adding language to purchase agreements that protect all parties should the pandemic affect a transaction.

Connect with people on your potential client list. Keep them updated on how you’re handling the situation. Position yourself as the professional with answers! Be direct. Ask if they want to take advantage of the current market chaos. Keep spinning your marketing “plates”. You’ll be ready to meet their needs when they’re willing to act.

And, since we’re all feeling isolated right now, be the “go to” person that’s focused on building community. Because many are bored sitting at home, any communication from you will be welcomed provided it’s warm, friendly, positive and helpful (and doesn’t appear like advertising).

Communicate with your sphere of influence and former clients. Use social media, email and mailings to keep everyone updated. Invite them all to your client’s virtual open house. Get them talking to you. Ask questions like, When I get out of this house, I’m going to…”, “One thing I miss by being in quarantine is …”, or When things get back to normal, I think I’ll miss this one thing...”

Find ways to connect with those in need. Do you know an elderly or at-risk person in need? Know someone who is laid off of work? Offer to pick up a few groceries for them while you’re buying your own. Look for needs and find ways to meet them.

Zoom your farm. To whom do you direct your marketing? Do you farm a specific neighborhood or market, those who participate in a hobby you share or those who are members of your social organizations? Why not host a zoom meeting and keep all of those conversations going!

Set yourself apart from those agents who are paralyzed by worry. Yes, it’s scary. We all have bills to pay and mouths to feed. But – when we get through this – those who chose to be proactive will be positioned for success.

What else have you found that’s working right now? Please share you experiences other agents in our comments section.

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