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Reasons to Build a Team

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Thinking of creating or joining a real estate team? The real benefit of participating in a team is leverage. Teams leverage time, skill, expense and most importantly profit. Team members can focus their talents and energy doing the tasks they enjoy most. A well-designed team is efficient, reduces redundancies and works in unison to maximize their ability to serve multiple buyers and sellers. And a successful team is often thought of as ubiquitous in the minds of potential clients.

Ubiquitous: adj. appearing or found everywhere. As every real estate agent should be.

So, what does it take to build a great team?

First, it doesn’t happen by accident. Great teams are built with a smart plan. In a sense, you’re building a “super-agent” to meet all the needs of your many clients. Each member fills an important task so that each client’s priorities are met.

Everything rises and falls because of leadership. Whether there is one team leader or a team council guiding the group, maintaining core priorities, developing performance goals, creating an energizing culture, keeping lines of communication open, skill development, team building and keeping everyone on track has to be managed and guided. Otherwise, it’s like trying to herd cats.

Effective teams are composed of an assorted mix of new and experienced agents. They bring a variety of skills and perspectives to meet the needs of the group and their clients. Experienced agents bring stability and confidence. Newer agents bring fresh ideas, energy and often experience with newer technology.

There are many roles that need to be filled as teams grow. What started as a solo agent doing all the real estate tasks will split into many separate responsibilities. Add administrative assistants, buyer’s agents, listing agents, transaction coordinators, escrow coordinators, field coordinators and prospecting agents as those needs and opportunities present themselves. While there are many duties team members handle separately, there is one job that everyone shares responsibility for – developing clients.

And lastly, building a team is more than recruiting people and assigning them a task. It’s, well…building a TEAM. Shared goal setting, establishing objectives, transparent performance minimums and compensation packages are all part of making your real estate team successful. Consider joining ours:

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