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4 Early Signs of Agent Failure

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Ever watch an agent nose-dive in this business? They never “just fail”. Instead, you can watch them slide into irrelevance one step at a time. During exit interviews, I keep seeing the same 4 issues pop up. Hopefully, this list will help you avoid these career-killing evils. Do these 4 tasks and you will succeed. Choose not to, and you are choosing to fail. And the choice is always yours.

Every month, GRAR lists agents that quit.

Never give up. Never be on that list.

PREPARATION. In addition to having your signs and business cards ready, successful agents are always prepared to engage clients. Their presentations are memorized to the point they flow effortlessly. Their social media is up to date. You can find extra blank forms, signs and lockboxes in their trunk. They are mentally and physically ready to succeed.

CONTACTS. Real estate is a “Know You, Like You, & Trust You” kind of business. Successful agents take the time to meet new people, make new friends and build strong relationships. Don’t just grow your contact list. Be the kind of person you’d like to know.

CLOSE A DEAL. Knowing how to close a deal is a science. And like any science, it can be learned. Too often, salespeople just talk too much. They think if they talk long enough, everything will fall into place. Every word draws us closer to or farther from closing a deal. Learn to choose your words wisely. Ask good questions. Clarify, understand and help achieve your client’s goals.

SET REASONABLE GOALS. Having worthy, attainable goals are like car keys. They start our engine. Set goals for daily tasks, weekly contacts, monthly listings/closings and annual earnings.

Keep your job. I’ve known too many agents who could not keep their real estate career moving along. They failed to prepare. Failed to make contacts. Failed to close deals. Failed to set and reach goals. Then they wondered why they failed at keeping their job. The good news is this: You can choose differently. Learn from their mistakes.

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