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One trick most agents won't share with you

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My wife and I manage a few real estate brokerages in West Michigan. On average, they’re smaller organizations serving specific niche markets. I mention that to say, we get the opportunity to see many agents serving various kinds clients under a variety of circumstances.

In other words, we get to see what works and what doesn’t.

Beyond training, experience, confidence and professional expertise, there is another element that builds success that many agents don’t talk about or often fail to consider – the quality of your client.

“Sometimes, enjoyment of this business rests solely on the quality of clients

you’re dealing with.”

Do you work with professional clients or amateur clients?

A professional client seeks out professional agents to do business with. They’re going to have a process to consider what you’re presenting and an experienced approach when deciding to engage your services. A professional understands the worth of other professionals. They value knowledge and experience and are willing to pay a reasonable fee for it. Professionals know their limitations - that’s why they’re calling you. A professional isn’t going to think she can do it all by herself.

An amateur, on the other hand, may or may not follow any of those principles. An amateur asks inexperienced friends for advice. An amateur compares you to what? A miracle? To free? To something in between? Amateurs continually over-simplify, devalue and question your work.

Working with professional grade clients may be the surest path to success.

It’s okay to deal with amateurs, but one should do so with eyes wide open. Along with the regular work you’re providing, you’ll also need to invest time to educate amateur clients along the way.

You might be the best agent ever. But if you’re only dealing with amateurs, you’re probably limiting your success and creating extra frustration in the process.

Join the team that cares about your success…

*Hat tip to Seth Godin’s blog dated 01/31/2019 for so much information and perspective on the topic.

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