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Easy Way to Get Referrals

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It’s January. Time to prepare for a profitable 2019.

Like a farmer preparing the soil for next season’s crops, agents who “tend their field” know this is the best time of year to reach out and ask for new business. Here is a simple method to ask for referrals. It works every time. Just follow these instructions to multiply your income this year.

Asking for referrals is easy – but there is a right way to do it. It doesn’t require much time or expense. While others are spending a small fortune on broad based advertising, you can target new clients efficiently and inexpensively.

“More then just getting new clients, the goal of sending notecards is finding


Here are a few good rules to remember when asking for referrals.

Keep in contact with family, friends and former clients a couple times each year. You would be surprised by how easily people forget you’re in the business. A friendly notecard is an easy way to remind them.

Use invitation-size envelopes. Hand stamp and address it. Make it look personal. Never use a business size envelope.

Insert a small notecard with your name and photo or company logo.

Always include two business cards in every note.

Click here to see a sample: How to ask for referrals

Keep it personal – always use first names and never use a form letter.

Make it relevant – clearly identify the purpose for sending the note. “With Spring just around the corner, you might know someone considering selling or buying a home.” Or, try “In today’s tough market, you might know someone needing professional real estate guidance.”

Ask for the referral – Never ask for your friend’s business. Its OK to assume you already have it. Instead, ask them to pass your card along to someone who might need it.

Statistically, here’s what to expect when sending out notecards: Everyone has that drawer in their kitchen that accumulates “stuff”. 95% of business cards you send will end up there. And that’s OK. Every time that drawer is opened, they will remember you are a Realtor looking for business. The other 5% is where the magic happens. Your notecards will reach folks who really enjoy referring you to their friends. Malcolm Gladwell (author, Tipping Point) describes these people as mavens. An agent can build an incredible life-long business by knowing just a few mavens.

Here’s a past post for more information about mavens. Click here to read: Find and Feed your Maven. 2019 will be a great, profitable year if you take the time to prepare now.

Looking for a broker that puts more money in your pocket?

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