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Merry Christmas!

1:00 Minute Read.

The tree lights are on, wrapping paper is everywhere and the family is happy.

But I know it’s not that way for everyone. There are about 3,000 local Realtors. And many of us are struggling.

Sometimes, we need to set

real estate aside and remember,

our lives are bigger than just transactions.

Holidays are supposed to be great. They break up monotony of the everyday. The changing seasons keeps our horizon fresh, giving us something to look forward to. While holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are meant to help us build a better rhythm into our lives, sometimes they have the opposite effect. Too often, the joy that someone else experiences is a stark reminder of our own pain and loss.

Pain can come from any direction. Broken relationships, poor health, financial misfortune and loss of loved ones can make the holidays unbearable.

To those enjoying good fortune this season, please join me in a prayer for those who need a blessing today.

To those wishing you had someone to chat with and talk about your life and path, feel free to call me anytime. Lets meet and have a cup of coffee. I always have time for a fellow traveller.

From our home to yours, Ruthie and I hope this season is filled with love, hope and faith.

John Henderson


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