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Using GRAR Public Search Stats

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The #1 complaint home sellers have with real estate agents is, “She listed my house and I never heard from her again.”

There is a free tool from GRAR to easily fix that problem.

When the market is booming and there are plenty of tours scheduled, it’s easy to stay in touch with clients. But what do you do when ShowingTime is silent? How do you approach clients to say it’s time to make some adjustments?

Searches become Clicks.

Clicks become Tours.

Tours become Sales.

Using GRAR’s Public Search Statistics is free, easy and effective. Best of all, most of your competition doesn’t know it exists. Use it to build your professional image, expand your market intelligence and give yourself another darn good excuse to contact your clients regularly.

By setting up this free tool at, you and your clients will receive an automated email every Monday morning detailing their home’s marketing reach. Once I know they’ve had enough time to read that email, I’ll contact clients by telephone or email to initiate a conversation about the information. That email includes 2 important pieces of data. One number indicates how many times a property was returned in a search. Often this number is in the hundreds and even thousands - representing the amount of times someone found their home online within the past week. Clients will no longer wonder if their home is being seen by buyers. They can clearly see your marketing on the MLS is working. The second number is equally important. It calculates the number of times someone clicked on the listing to get more information.

There are 3 things that sell houses on the MLS: price, photos and description. If those 3 items are interesting and attractive, buyers will click for more information. We all know agents only control two of those elements - photos and description. The price however, is solely in our client’s hands. Remind home sellers to listen to all kinds of feedback. If no one is clicking on their listing or scheduling tours to see it, buyers are speaking pretty loudly I’d say. If there is a low percentage of click-through, it should become obvious what the solution is. Sometimes photos and descriptions need improvement, but often what’s really needed to move the needle is a significant price reduction. Each Monday, use the Public Search Stats as an excuse to contact home-sellers to discuss using that information to get their home SOLD.

Accessing this free benefit is easy. All you need to do is input their email address once. Everything happens automatically until you turn it off. Log onto GRAR Membership. Click: Tools & Resources. Click: MLS & Tech Tools. There you’ll find Public Search Statistics. Enter the MLS number, your client’s email address and check the box to receive your own copy. Simple. And while you’re there, take the time to see other tools available for you.


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