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3 Keys to Real Estate Success

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Why do some agents flourish while others flounder? Ultimate success in real estate demands precision focus on three core competencies. Yes, you should continue developing new skills, but never walk away from the fundamentals of selling real estate. Stick to the basics. Commit to excellence in these three tasks and you’ll always have plenty of business.

Build Relationships - Invest time and energy into relationships. Forget about doing floor-time or buying leads. Spend an hour or two each morning with friends, family, former clients, community influencers and mavens. Get out of the office and meet with people. Coffee shop baristas should know you by name. And don’t worry about how you’ll “bring up business” in your conversations. In fact, don’t even mention it. Instead, demonstrate a true interest in the people you meet with. Ask questions about their life and work. Sooner or later, they’ll ask about you and your business.

Build Market Intelligence - Potential clients will ask questions. Have an arsenal of good answers ready. Learn everything you can about your area’s housing supply, niche markets and trends. In addition to the housing market, you should know all about your area’s competing agents. Which agents are highly active in your market? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Build Confidence – Confidence comes through knowledge and experience. Read and understand your contracts. Become a student of selling. Memorize and practice your presentation. Test out new ideas. Evaluate your strategies and tactics. Mentally construct a moral view of selling. Take the time to write the top 10 reasons you’d make a better choice of agent than your competition.

It’s not hard to be successful, but it does take effort.

Join the crew dedicated to excellence…

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