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Freshen Up Listings

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Spring is here. While you’re encouraging your clients to clean and prep their yards for maximum visual impact, you ought to be doing the same thing with their listing. Pick a warm, sunny day, visit your listings and handle these tasks:

“You never get a second chance

to make a good first impression”

Photos. If you have listings leftover from last winter, its time to freshen your photos. Snow, dead trees and Christmas decorations in your photographs are a sure sign your listing has been sitting for a while. For great tips on real estate photography, see our post HERE.

Yard Signs. It’s amazing how much damage snowplows and bad weather can do to your signage – especially out in the country. I know replacing signs can be expensive. However, the impact on your reputation caused by poor signage may cost you even more.

Directional Signs. And while you’re at it, you might as well put up fresh directional signs too. Make sure to place one at each corner pointing toward your listing. This multiplies your ability to sell that home as well as benefit your personal marketing. Get your name out there!

Need free yard signs, directional signs and business cards? Join our brokerage today and receive our free startup package.

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