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Springtime is just around the corner. Here’s a handy reference tool to polish your presentation and beef up your weak areas. We get plenty of positive comments from agents about our training content. So, we decided to compile our best listing practices into one location. You'll find them all linked below.

“There is an old phrase in real estate:

If you list, you last.”

A successful listing appointment starts long before you sit at someone’s kitchen table. Here’s some thoughts on being better prepared than your competition: THE SECRET TO LISTING HOMES and BUILD A BETTER PRESENTATION

Want a killer listing presentation? Here’s a great list to transform your material into a professional grade presentation: LISTING PRESENTATION FOLDER

Your CMA does far more than present a home value. Here are 3 goals to keep in mind when preparing your CMA: CREATE A SMARTER CMA

And speaking of building a better CMA, don’t be afraid to use common information available to anyone. Your client knows their Zillow/Trulia value. Be prepared to address their opinion head on: USE ZILLOW IN YOUR LISTING PRESENTATION and HOW FAR OFF IS ZILLOW?

Ready to ring the doorbell? The next 5 minutes can make or break your appointment: PERFECT LISTING PRESENTATION – THE GREETING

Calm your clients by dealing with their concerns before you start selling your services. Here are 3 questions your home-sellers want to know right now: PERFECT LISTING PRESENTATION – THE ANSWER

Use a net sheet to move a client from discussing their property and towards selling yourself as the solution to their needs. Here’s a few things to think about: ESTIMATED SELLER’S NET SHEET

There is a “right order” to selling. If a home-seller gets you out of that order, you’ll be dead in the water. Here’s four steps you need, and advice to keep your client on track: PERFECT LISTING PRESENTATION – THE PLAN

Differentiate yourself from the competition. Here’s a few ways how to do that:





After you’ve done all the work, its time to close the deal. There are many ways to reduce “sales resistance” and guide your home-seller towards listing their home. Here’s the best advice I can give you: PERFECT LISTING PRESENTATION – THE CLOSE

Hope you enjoy and use this information to become a better agent! Have a question? Need an answer? Let me know and I’ll cover the topic in future posts.


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