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Winning Every Client

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Why did a client choose me?

Why did a client choose some other agent?

If you’ve ever wanted to read the mind of a client to learn these answers, I have great news for you. A study about salesmanship revealed what influences client’s decision making. Here are the top 10 reasons – in order – why a client chooses you. Odds are if you master these qualities, you will win every client every time.

There is an old saying in real estate:

“If you can get them to laugh, you can get them to list.”

Here’s the list:

1. I like my sales representative.

2. I understand the services I am buying.

3. I perceive a difference in the person/company I am buying from.

4. I perceive a value in the service I am buying.

5. I believe my sales representative.

6. I have confidence in my sales rep.

7. I trust my sales representative.

8. I am comfortable with my sales rep.

9. I feel there is a fit between my needs and my sales representative’s abilities.

10. The price seems fair but it’s not necessarily the lowest.

Let’s analyze the data.

The first and foremost reason you’re chosen as someone’s real estate agent is because they like you. This isn’t rocket science. Agents must be likeable. This is a “know you, like you, trust you” kind of business. There is no better way to say it. Building a bridge of friendship is the first step towards closing a transaction. Here’s an old trick – have a good, well-rehearsed joke ready when meeting clients for the first time. Did you know most people will only laugh with someone they truly like? If they laugh, take it as a positive sign that you’re wining them over.

Beyond being friendly, worthy characteristics to sharpen and display are your believability, confidence, trustworthiness and being comfortable to be around. Demonstrating these virtues isn’t mere theatre. These are good qualities to develop and possess just because we are human. Talk to someone you trust to be brutally honest and ask them to rate your ability to communicate these traits. Ask for suggestions on ways for improvement. Remember its not enough for you to have great character, your client needs to hear you express it and see you demonstrate it throughout your relationship.

The remaining reasons why people chose you as their agent have more to do with what and how you communicate to them. Try this: As you chat with potential clients, take the time to weave the answer to the following questions into your conversation. They are wondering about you. By answering questions before they’re asked, you can satisfy what they’re curious about, relieve any tension or concern they might have about asking you, free their mind to really hear what you’re saying and seamlessly move them from the mode of decision making to the enjoyment of envisioning a positive outcome for their transaction.

What am I going to do for you?

What value/benefit will you receive from those things? How is my list different from what other agents offer?

Why do my skills, experiences and personality fit better with your needs?

Did you notice number 10 - the least important item on this list? Price. Clients care more about the person they choose than the price they pay. I love creativity and have no problem when our agents negotiate their services and commissions. However, never forget clients are choosing you (or not choosing you) based on YOU - the character you possess and the services you provide rather than the price you charge.

Looking for a brokerage that values good character?

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