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10 Reasons Our Brokerage is Better Than Yours

#10 - At Best Homes of Michigan, you‘re a 100% agent – and that means 2 things: First, you receive 100% of your commission – we take no split. Secondly, it means YOU are in 100% control of WHAT and HOW you sell. You can list under any terms or commission rate you negotiate with your client.

#9 – Agents at Best Homes of Michigan never spend money on NAR, MAR or GRAR dues, MLS participation, E&O Insurance, franchise fees, desk fees or ANY OTHER FEE. Instead, we ask agents to pay $169.00 per month to cover those expenses and we will pay those bills for you when they come due. We do that because our agents prefer paying a small, monthly amount rather than be hit with big bills at the worst possible time each year like Christmas time.

#8 – Best Homes of Michigan will provide you with free marketing materials, a personal webpage and lockboxes. We provide presentation folders, notecards, directional signs and wire frames. We’ll even buy your first set of 1,000 business cards.

#7 – What additional cost are Best Homes of Michigan agents responsible for? You are responsible for future yard signs, business cards and ConEd classes.

#6 – What’s required of agents at Best Homes of Michigan? Every agent keeps a home office, uploads their own listings, plants their own signs and takes their own photos – We don’t have staff for those things. That’s how we keep costs down.

#5 – How does Best Homes of Michigan make money? We charge your client a $295.00 Broker Admin Fee at closing. That’s not a lot of money, but when you multiply it several hundreds of times each year, it becomes a smart business model.

#4 – Best Homes of Michigan offers you all the support you’ll need to be successful in real estate. Whether it’s training, accounting, I.T. or graphic design, support is accessible to agents free of charge.

#3 - Best Homes of Michigan’s broker is always available to you – 24/7. We are available to our agents for guidance; training, answering questions, mentoring and stepping into situations when you need help – as every agent needs on occasion.

#2 - Best Homes of Michigan was built with the golden rule in mind. We treat you the same way we want to be treated. Wonder if I'm telling the truth? Feel free to ask any of our agents.

#1 – Until the end of the year, Best Homes of Michigan is offering a special recruiting promotion – We will reimburse the cost of your new yard signs. So, there is absolutely no cost to switch brokers!

New agent?

Well-seasoned agent?

Agent team?

If you are paying more than zero for your broker, you are paying too much. We have everything you need. Make the change…


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