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October Marketing Ideas

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If you’re into building community, reaching out to neighbors or just being the best real estate agent on the block, October is great month to engage your neighborhood. Here’s two simple ideas guaranteed to build relationships and expand your sphere of influence.

Life is about building relationships.

Growing your business through it is only one benefit.

HALLOWEEN. With exactly 4 weeks remaining, you can convert your garage into the neighborhood’s best haunted house. One year, we harnessed teenaged volunteers to the rafters to “fly” over young guests. Haunted houses don’t need to be scary. Instead, use volunteer actors to perform a fun children’s story. Kids and parents love it. Serve hot apple cider and pass out full sized candy bars. Invite all your friends and former clients. It will be the best open-house style party you can have. Even adults without kids will come and enjoy the spectacle. Make it fun and that three hour party will be talked about all year long.

NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICE PROJECT. In West Michigan, the weather turns cold and blustery half way through October. Look around your neighborhood. Find a need and help fill it. I am sure there is an older couple or single mom needing leaves raked or summer furniture put away. Everyone loves to help but few take the time to organize these events. Be the neighborhood GO-TO person. Not only will it help a family, you’ll meet new, awesome people who someday will need to buy or sell a house. And guess who they’ll think of when the time comes?

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