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Add 3D Photography

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There are 2 ingredients in becoming a super listing agent: 1) Set yourself up as a capable professional. 2) Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Back in the 90’s, we installed AM radio transmitters in houses so buyers could drive by and tune into our marketing comments. Our clients thought we were geniuses. A decade ago, we added “text to…” riders to our signs to deliver information. Showing off the data capture technology to sellers guaranteed the listing. Now, smarter agents are stepping up their game by adding quality 3D tours to listings.

“Find new ways to differentiate yourself from the competition”

3D photography has been around for a while. Older systems were slow and glitchy. They were more problematic than beneficial. Now, Matterport has raised the science to a new level – and they’re making listing agents look awesome. This system is smooth, intuitive and very easy to use.

See for yourself. Here is a link to a Matterport tour:

Why is 3D touring important? Clients love showing off their houses to friends using this technology. Their level of excitement is addictive. The word of mouth marketing you’ll receive will pay you in spades. You can easily add 3D tours to the MLS and any social media you use. Is there a downside to Matterport? Maybe. We all know that to sell houses you must get clients into them. Some buyers may rely too heavily on seeing an online tour and forego the actual walk through. However, I suspect buyers who schedule a tour after seeing an online 3D tour are seriously interested in the property.

I don’t recommend buying a Matterport camera. It’s too expensive and technology is rapidly changing. Instead, you can find local photographers who provide the service at reasonable pricing. In addition to professional house and drone photography, here are two Matterport service providers. They have Supra-Ekey access, respond quickly when called and post pricing on their websites:

Lee Anderson,, 616-337-8839

Scott Wycoff,, 616-558-4928

If you are aware of other photographers who provide this service, let me know. I am always happy to promote services that help agents.

And for those who think adding value to your listings in a seller’s market is crazy, just remember its about more than just one listing. Take the longer view. Its about your next 20-30 listings. Being the agent that provides the service is just plain shrewd.

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