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Public Act 502 of 2016 - New Rules for Yard Signs

1:00 Minute Read.

I have two questions for you:

Are your yard signs compliant with Michigan’s Public Act 502 of 2016? In less than 6 months, many agents will need to purchase new signs – and that can be a considerable expense. Starting January 1st 2018, the law requires the size of font used for the brokerage to be as large or larger than the agent’s or team’s name on the sign.

If you’re going to the expense of new signs, isn’t it a good time to consider moving to a brokerage who will help pay for them? Now, until the end of the year, Best Homes of Michigan will reimburse the cost of new signs for every agent that transfers their license to us. Look at what we offer…

100% Commission

No hidden fees

Free agent website

Free marketing material

Agent training / mentoring

24/7 Broker Support

Stellar Administrative Support

Company paid NAR, MAR, GRAR, MLS access, E&O, and Dotloop

Simple Fee Structure - $169/month for EVERYTHING / $295 BAF

See the agents who found a better way…


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