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6 Steps to Writing Powerful Descriptions

2:15 Minute Read.

Below are two actual GRAR marketing comment descriptions.

I’ll apologize in advance if either one is yours. One is great. The other one…not so much. At some point, we’ve all looked blankly at our computer screen while typing words to describe our new listings. I’ll let you be the judge of which agent did a better job writing smart, powerful copy that sells homes.

Our first example recently sold for over $2 Million…

“Stunning Hampton's Style home with 100' of Lake Michigan frontage on one of Harbor Country's best private association beaches. Huge veranda overlooking manicured yard, lakefront gazebo and beach. This home boasts over 5,700 sf of well-appointed living space, 3 fireplaces, covered porches, an expansive great room & chef's kitchen with center island open to sweeping views of Lake Michigan. Enjoy summer afternoons by the large pool. Amenities include Guest House, cabana, workout room, wine cellar and two master suites each with fireplaces and private lake front balconies.”

And here is our second example. Let me give you the punch line before reading further. The listing below describe an old, single-wide mobile home…

“Rise with the morning bird song, adventure through wide open spaces, and fade into the tableau of the Michigan landscape right at your fingertips. This is the pastoral promise of nearly 10 acres of tranquility, delicately layered with textures of waving grassland, passing wildlife, and trees swaying with every breeze. Gaze upon a 3 bedroom 2 bath home whose classic styling mingles into its organic surroundings. Wander into a home boasting an airy floor plan, hardwood and crisp tile flooring. Delight in a beautifully appointed kitchen and drift into bedrooms, gracefully poised for your long awaited repose. Indulge your recreational interests in a covered shed, as well as vast storage space allotted in a pole barn. Discover endless days of happiness here this countryside expanse.”

Really? I have to believe the agent – who is very capable and experienced – was feeling a little punchy that day. I can imagine the conversation with the client went something like, “You want positive, flowery language to sell your place? I’ll show you positive and flowery!”

“When selling houses,

write powerfully, not poetically.”

It's easy to overlook the power of a well written description. As agents, we know there are three things that “sell” a house on the MLS: Photos, Description & Price. Since we have total control over photos and descriptions, it makes sense to powerfully use both. The goal is to get potential buyers out of their chairs and into our listings. Make them want to see it. Optimize your marketing comments by using these six steps:

Target your buyer. Identify who the most likely buyers of your listing will be. What is important to them? Use your first sentence to emphasize one or two major benefits your buyers will have, feel or experience by owning this new home.

Speak facts. Highlight the features of the property buyers will find important. Don’t skimp on important details. Sometimes it’s helpful to describe a house in the same way you walk through it. “Inside the entry, you’ll find…” or “Upstairs, you’ll find…” might work well.

Avoid superlatives. Sprinkle flowery adjectives sparingly. Instead, use adjectives that help describe features. A sandy beach is better than a beach. A walkout basement is better than a mere basement. Don’t waste valuable comment space on throw-away words.

Add key words and phrases. Many agents use comment searches to look for specific items for their clients. Using phrases like “private lake frontage” or names of excellent, local schools may help seal the deal.

Avoid overused phrasing. Get out your thesaurus and find more imaginative terms than “stunning” and “boasts”. I confess I fall into this trap too. But when buyers start making fun of certain words because they see them too often, its time to find more creative terms. And have you noticed listings that use the phrase, “This one won’t last long!” – seem to stay on the market forever.

"KISS" your listing. Keep It Simple & Short. ‘Nuf said.

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