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Don't Skimp on Marketing Materials

1:00 Minute Read.

Take a good look at your marketing materials.

Most agents have business cards and yard signs. That’s great. We recommend keeping those very clean and simple with minimal information. Don’t clutter it up. And, adding your photo to cards and signs makes them memorable. Studies show that folks are more likely to keep a business card with a photo. It’s more personal.

“Pass out marketing material like it’s candy.

It’s good for business.”

Beyond those items, add a few marketing pieces that make a difference in establishing a professional image. Many brokers have figured out it’s smart to offer free marketing material to agents. It builds branding. We supply these items to our agents and encourage their use:

Presentation Folders Too many agents show up at listing presentations with nothing but a stapled stack of paper – or worse, stuff their docs into cheap “school report” style binders purchased at Meijer or Office Max. Make sure the information left with clients appears more professional than competing agents.

Directional Signs Multiply your presence by adding plenty of directional signs everywhere you list properties. Not only does it help buyers find your listings, it makes you and your company appear ubiquitous.

Thank you notes Send regularly scheduled notes to past clients. Send thank you notes the day after making a listing presentation or meeting a client for the first time. Send thanks to those who refer business in your direction. Anytime and every time someone is kind and helpful to you, say thank you. And add two business cards to every note sent.

Having a polished, professional image will build your brand.


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