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Listing Tip: Add Reverse Engineering

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It’s difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition when selling similar services that others offer. Win more listings by setting yourself apart. If you can’t differentiate your product or service, you can distinguish your company, yourself, your program, your price or your professionalism from competitors.

“Some home-sellers think agents are inter-changeable.

Prove them wrong.”

Show off your professionalism and understanding of this business by adding reverse engineering to your listing presentation. Simply said, reverse engineering is taking something proven, breaking it down into smaller, easier understood concepts and reapplying it to your client’s needs.

During a listing presentation, I’ll introduce the concept. “Let’s think about who the most-likely buyer of this property will be and then reverse engineer all of our marketing efforts to better reach that person. Statistically, I know that many folks tend to buy homes valued at 150% of their current housing. So, a person selling a $200k house will likely buy at $300k house. Also, since Kent County is divided into quadrants and because of location familiarity, many folks like to remain in their current quadrant. A person living in the NE side is likely to shop for a new home in the NE side as well.” I’ll continue to introduce facts and figures until I’ve built the most likely buyer composite and often I am dead on. By the time I’ve finished, the seller is fully convinced I have a better grasp of market forces and their needs over the competition.

Once you’ve shown yourself to be more capable, more knowledgeable, more aggressive and more professional than the agents you’re competing with, it’s easy to get that listing.

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