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Welcome to the Club of Terror

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Finished the classes, took the test, joined the local board and now look at you: You’re a Realtor. Good for you.

If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, it soon will. When people said there was no ceiling for the income you could earn, they forgot to tell you there is no bottom either. If you don’t show up for work today, chances are no one will call to check up on you. And no matter how well intentioned your broker was when convincing you they were the best training, mentoring, referring, motivating broker ever, you soon realize success ultimately falls onto your own shoulders.

Welcome to the Club of Terror.

Wilson Harrel’s book, For Entrepreneurs Only deals with entrepreneurial terror. I’m not talking about that fast rush of adrenalin that jolts you when her boyfriend shows up. I’m referring to a deep, brooding realization that if you fail to produce income your children will not eat and your home will face foreclosure. The Club of Terror is an exclusive group of folks whose income is based 100% on commission. We are the self-employed, the entrepreneurs, the risk takers. Success or failure is ours alone. Most don’t talk about it or even acknowledge the fear, but its there. We hide it. We’re afraid we’re the only ones experiencing it. But look deep into an agent’s eyes and ask them how they are dealing with the fear – you’ll receive a knowing nod. It’s real.

“Like Peter, once you step out of the boat, look towards what keeps you afloat.”

I’m not suggesting you kill off or even deaden the fear. Instead, use it. Make it work for you. Allow it to wake you up in the morning and keep you motivated all day long. Turn it into a slave that you command. Let fear serve its purpose. Fear creates energy and energy creates success. And once you’ve pushed through and started seeing real economic progress, it’s time to let go of fear and embrace what you really want out of this business. It’s true, you never really leave the Club of Terror. You just move farther from fear and closer to your true motivation.

Which leads to my real question: What motivates you?

Now is a good time to decide. Most think we self-employed are inspired by money, influence or freedom. I’ve never taken any entrepreneurial risk just for the money. Sure, we earn more than average Joes. And we love our toys. I just bought a bigger sailboat and can’t wait to get on the water. But money is fleeting. Money is just a scorecard to figure out if we’re winning. Others seek power or influence. There is a hierarchal ladder waiting to be climbed by someone – just not me. My only concern is positively influencing those near me – friends and family I dearly love.

So, what’s my motivation? I embrace the FREEDOM this industry offers. I can log my own hours, set personal goals and embrace a life that most people would be envious of. Real estate agents can have it all – once they push through fear to the other side.

So, what about the Club of Terror? It separates the starters from the finishers. Far too often, new agents feel the fear, become paralyzed by it and quit before reaping the benefits this industry offers. Don’t quit! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Success is not far away. Before giving up, grab someone – even me – and talk through your questions, fears and concerns over a cup of coffee.

*Wilson Harrel, For Entrepreneurs Only, 1995 Career Press Franklin NJ – fun, easy to read and worthy of a few good lessons.

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