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There are two paths you can choose in this business. You can be a person with unswerving noble character or you can be something less.

Search Google: Why do real estate agents have a bad reputation? OUCH! There are pages of complaints about agents and their lack of ethics. After reading those posts, you’ll feel the need to take a shower.

“A good name (reputation) is more important than great riches.”

An agent in our office shared this story: Through inspections, our agent discovered CO fumes coming from the furnace – a potentially dangerous situation for the sellers living there. She immediately sent an email to the listing agent asking her to warn her clients of the danger. No response. After several attempts, the listing agent began making excuses why she was unable to communicate with her clients. All lies. Here’s the short version: The sellers found out the truth and they were not happy. ‘Nuf said.

Experience has taught me that if you lie in this business, it will be found out. Bet on it. It is better to tell the truth, own your mistakes, handle issues quickly and always apologize when it’s warranted. Lying will only make the situation worse.

So, what kind of stories have you experienced? Send me an email at I’d love to share it.


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