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Build a Better Presentation

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Some agents win listings easily. Their presentation is so smooth, it appears the time spent talking at the kitchen table is just a mere formality. The deal is theirs for the taking. There is a reason why their presentation is so good. And your presentation can be equally irresistible.

In some ways, Real estate agents are a lot like rock stars…stay with me here.

Great musicians bring audiences to their feet nightly. They perform the same songs everyday. And while we understand they’ve sung their repertoire for the ba-zillionth time, it still feels fresh to us. Superstars do that. That’s real performance art. On the other hand, you know when a musician’s career is waning. Those concerts are awful. The star appears bored and stumbles over lyrics.

Ingredients of a great presentation –

Memorize it. Cut it down to size. Store extra ammo. Tweak it. Use humor. Add energy.

So, if you plan to be a rock star real estate agent, let me offer some advice:

First, memorize your listing presentation. Know it cold. Rather than making your presentation stale, memorizing it will give you insight into every aspect of it. Secondly, cut it down to size. Every word we offer to someone at a kitchen table either brings us closer or farther away from a sale. Cut out all small talk that doesn’t move them towards a positive decision. Next, be ready for questions and resistance. Memorize a couple extra facts, illustrations and answers just in case your client takes you down a bunny trail. Tweak it. After every presentation, judge how well you performed. Don’t beat yourself up. That won’t help. Instead, take the time to review what works and what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly. Next, use humor. True words: If you can get them to laugh, you can get them to list. Having a few simple chuckle inducing stories will build a closer bond. And last but not least, add energy. You may have given the same presentation several times last week, but it’s the first time for the person you’re talking to right now. Keep it fresh.


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