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Valuable Lessons from a Guy Who Sells $3,000 Sneakers

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Spring Break 2017.

He is one of the best salesmen I’ve ever seen. I watched him work for nearly an hour as my son decided on which pair of sneakers to buy. Spending spring break in New York City, we visited the major attractions, ate great food and did plenty of shopping. One store caught my attention. #StadiumGoods. This store sells sneakers. Walls and walls of them. And not the kind you find at Footlocker. Limited additions – the kind sneaker-lovers drool over. Prices range up to thousands of dollars per pair. Yep. For a pair of sneakers. And this salesman was killing it.

After closing each deal, he passed his happy client and their new shoes over to an assistant who happily rang them up. Then he glanced around the room and decided whom he would close next. You might imagine that he was loud, demanding and pushy. But he was the exact opposite. On the way out, we chatted about the art of selling. He could not hold back a huge grin realizing someone noticed his craft and expertise. He thanked me as we walked out. And I watched him return to selling sneakers.

“Psychology of selling – Google it, Youtube it. Learn everything you can about it.”

Here’s the take-a-way: any Realtor can be as wildly successful as the sneaker guy if they apply these same three qualities:

Approachability. In a world of over-priced goods and snooty salespeople with European accents, my sneaker guy was warm, friendly and available. He mastered the art of reading his clients. He anticipated their needs and questions. It was obvious; he was there to serve his clients.

Knowledgeable Service. This guy knew his stuff. No waffling. No BS. He was confident in his expertise. Real estate agents need to be an expert in their field. It’s your choice. Focus on a particular category of real estate (residential or commercial), type of property (condos, free standing or fixer-uppers), particular geography (city, neighborhood or school district), or type of client (first time buyers, executive housing or senior living). Forget about dabbling with everything. Become an expert at something. Be the “GO TO” person in your field.

ABC – Always Be Closing. This is the invisible quality of great salespeople. Good sales people are always moving clients toward a purchasing decision. Great sales people can do it in a way that clients will never sense it’s happening. Many agents talk far too much and often cheat themselves out of a transaction. Every word either moves clients closer or farther away from making a decision. Choose your words carefully. Take the time to understand your client’s needs and wants and then deliver the satisfaction they’re looking for.

In one hour I learned a lot about selling and collector-grade, limited edition sneakers. For a guy who buys his sneakers where he gets his groceries (thanks Meijer), I have found a new respect for the field and the man who sells them.

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