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Estimated Seller's Net Sheet

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Do you incorporate an estimated seller’s net sheet in every listing presentation? Every professional real estate agent I know uses this savvy tool. And you should too.

This document can be as involved or as simple as you like. Basically, a net sheet is just a review of all the expected costs a seller will encounter when selling their home. Our company provides to our agents a fillable Excel spreadsheet that automatically calculates prorated taxes, revenue stamps and transfer taxes, title insurance, commissions and most importantly, net proceeds to clients. It offers a clear estimate of what sellers should expect financially.

We provide an estimated seller’s net sheet twice - once at the listing appointment and another each time we present an offer. Here’s a few good reasons why…

“ Estimated net sheets add value to both you and your client.”

PROFESSIONALISM. Set yourself apart from other agents. Having a clear understanding of the transaction financially as well as the ability to clearly communicate that information to your client will create trust.

PREPARATION. Half the work of being an agent is keeping your client calm throughout a transaction. The most anticipated question a client has is wondering what their proceeds will be. With a little practice, you can develop an estimate that’s accurate within $50 of the actual cost – and they’ll think you’re a super-agent.

EDUCATION. An informed client is a happy client. ‘Nuff said.

CLARITY. After completing the listing agreement, I’ll ask the client to initial the net sheet, “just to remind us that we’ve talked about this information.” If any question about fees and cost rise, I’ll email a copy of the initialed net sheet to them.

I’m curious. How often do you use a seller’s net sheet?

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