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Secret to Following Up

1: 30 Minute Read.

Ever feel concerned that you are following up too much? Well, don’t.

Stop worrying about bothering potential clients. The majority of real estate agents simply do not follow up enough. Here’s a handy way to set the pace for follow-up calls.

“Follow-up begins at the end of your last meeting.”

A national sales manager for a well-know company relocated to west Michigan. I had the pleasure of assisting him in the purchase. After finishing paperwork, he said: “I stole that phrase, you know.”

What phrase? I had no idea what he was referring to.

He said: “At the end of every meeting we’ve had, you’ve asked the same question, ‘Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

He now asks every one of his clients that same question – and it has increased sales. So much so, he shared it with his sales staff. And it worked for them too. It conveys a sense of immediacy and a willingness to serve the client.

Over the years clients have commented about that question. It seems to impact people, and it’s meant whole-heartedly. I sincerely want to meet my client’s expectations and the best way to accomplish that is to simply ask.

Next time you are with a client, try it. Asking the question will do three things. 1) It builds a strong client bond, 2) provides a client-centric to-do list and 3) gives you a reason to follow up. Not only does it give insight into the client’s needs, it will give you a timeframe for your next follow up.

The next follow up should occur within 48 hours. Sometimes a simple call thanking them for the meeting or asking for additional clarification about their requests may set you apart from competing agents.

Ask the right questions early on and you’ll know when a client plans to make a buying or listing decision. Don’t wait until their decision making deadline before calling them. Another follow up should occur halfway between your last meeting and their deadline. A client with a firm timeframe is likely to decide to list or buy earlier rather than later. Making yourself available mid-way will affirm you as the right agent to deal with.

After winning a client and closing the transaction, continue that relationship with annual communications. A light, friendly touch with a hand written note or telephone call will always be warmly remembered. Not only is this a great way to keep a client for life, it’s also the perfect method to get referrals. Always remind clients that you make your living by selling homes and any referral from them is greatly appreciated.


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