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The Million Realtor March

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There’s the woman’s march, antifa, BLM, immigration and a few others. Since the inauguration of the new president, there have been demonstrations throughout the country. And with a knack for the obvious, I predict there will be plenty more.

It’s the beginning of February and its too cold to go sailing. So, I’ve spent a fair amount of spare time catching up on the news and watching my favorite YouTube channels. Watching these protestors, I am reminded that the most effective demonstrations are more than airing grievances. They are about promoting justice. And that’s when this thought occurred to me:

“At their core, the best protests seek justice.”

One of the great responsibilities we hold as real estate agents is promoting housing equality. Equal Housing is more than just a logo. It’s our job to make sure clients are not discriminated against.

Not because of race. Not because of color. Not because of religion. Not because of national origin. Not because of sex. Not because of ethnic background. Not because of age. Not because of marital or family status. Not because of disability.

Not. Period.

It’s a sacred duty and honor. Because of this, we promote and educate and every once in awhile need to confront in order to faithfully execute the responsibility we’ve been given.

It’s as if every day, across America a million real estate agents hit the streets promoting justice.

And that’s just another reason I am proud to be a Realtor.

#Justice #Discrimination #HousingEquality

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