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One Factor Determines Income

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Is there a primary determiner of income for real estate agents? You bet there is. Some agents in our office earn over $200k each year while others barely scratch by. Why is that?

Inside of every agent is a mental gauge of worth.

You will not earn more than your personal gauge tells you and you will not earn less either. When agents feel they are making above what their internal worth says, they start to slow down and become complacent. Likewise, they speed up, become more active –even nervous when they start falling behind. I’ve watched it too many times to dismiss its existence. Every agent has it. Every. Single. One.

“What is your worth as an agent?”

Here’s a great thing about real estate: If you are not happy with the service you provided, the effort you’ve given or the income you earned last year, you can change it. You can adjust that internal meter, but it will take effort. Don’t make outlandish goals. Start by taking a reasonable assessment of who you are today and consider the practical changes you would like to see by this time next year:

How much income did I earn last year? How much more would I like to earn this year?

What skills do I possess? What skills would I like to learn this year?

How much effort did I really give last year?

How much effort will I give this year?

Do you have 10 to 25% room for growth? Your internal gauge of worth increases with improved skills and effort. And your income will grow accordingly.


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