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How to Win FSBO Listings

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Because you are a top-notch real estate agent, you can easily win FSBO listings even in a tough market. Finding FSBOs is easy. You can find them through the local classified ads, Craigslist, Zillow, or driving by them. C’mon, is there any other business like ours that have potential clients plant yard signs that basically say, “I don’t know what I’m doing. Would someone please stop and help me?” I’ve known home sellers who placed FSBO signs just to find which agents were aggressive enough to stop by. They wanted to hire a go-getter. You can prove you are that agent by reaching out to them.

Here’s a fact: Every FSBO will turn into a listing once the seller becomes frustrated. They key is being in the right place at the right time. This is where you create your own “luck”.

“The goal of each visit is to gather information and generate service opportunities.”

If you want to list FBSOs, try this proven strategy. Don’t waste time assembling materials to drop off or send in the mail. It will be thrown out and forgotten. Instead, knock on the door and meet the seller. If they advertise an open house, stop by during it. On each visit, the goal is to gather information and generate future opportunities to visit again. Here are some pointers:

  • Identify yourself as a Realtor. Saying you were handling a transaction nearby and saw their FSBO sign is so much better than being out trolling for business. It’s good to make the impression that you’re busy and not desperate for business. 

  • Take notes about the house including the price and list of amenities. 

  • If they offer a tour of their home, accept it. Always compliment the home. If they ask for improvement /staging advice, offer to drop off some staging information.

  • If they ask for pricing advice, offer to drop off a CMA. 

  • Ask if they would be willing to work with an agent if you found a great, fully qualified buyer. 

  • Ask if they have all the legally required forms to sell the home by owner - purchase agreement, sellers disclosures, lead based paint, etc. and parcel data. There are several generic forms available online. Offer to drop off an information package.

  • Ask about their moving plans. Where are they moving to and what is their timeframe? If they haven’t found their next home, offer to set up a search portal for them. 

  • Ask if they are unable to sell the home would they consider hiring a Realtor. 
Make sure you leave them your business card and a smile.

By the time you leave their home, you should have gathered enough information to really understand their needs as well as generated enough opportunities to provide additional services for them. Before driving away, jot down the phone number from the sign along with their names and address and other notes. Stop by weekly to chat. Find reasons to reconnect. Let them know you’re checking in to see how they’re doing and hoping for their success. When you sense they are wavering on the concept of going bare as a FSBO, it’s time to ask for an appointment.

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