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Millennials are Welcome Here

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The next generation of real estate agents may be the best ever. Seems everything written about young adults is negative these days. I disagree. New agents are smart, motivated, savvy, creative and connected. They have all the ingredients for success in our industry.

Let the word “connected” sink in.

That’s the description of a successful agent.

Millennials value life, not work. Know why I am a real estate agent? I love the freedom it offers. I work to live, not live to work. Our profession offers a lifestyle unparalleled in opportunity and independence. Young adults shiver at the thought of spending 40 years working in an office cubicle. And why shouldn’t they? They’ve heard their parents complain about unsatisfying careers. Now they want something better for themselves. The up-and-coming trend is lifestyle businesses and real estate fits that perfectly.

Millennials value autonomy & involvement. The thought of being micromanaged by a mid-level manager is a nightmare to Gen Y. Internal, self-determining goals motivate them, not job quotas. They enjoy being involved in decision-making and want their voice heard. They are interested in gaining new knowledge and learning through experience. Having a job with a purpose and doing something meaningful is a top priority.

Millennials value transparency. Millennial workers don’t just nod and do as they’re told. “Because I said so” is not a good answer to them. They want to understand the “why” behind each decision. While it drove me crazy raising kids like that, it’s refreshing when an agent seeks understanding.

Millennials value flexibility. Gen Y’ers hate traditional workplace rules, strict dress codes, 9-5 bureaucracy and meetings for the sake of meeting. Unlike older generations who hung around the water cooler, they just want to get their tasks done in the most efficient, least time-consuming way possible.

Keep an eye on them. Many agents from Generation Y will become super-producers in the near future – and if this is you, just know you’re welcome here.

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