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Perfect Listing Presentation Part 3 - The Plan

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Ever felt the pressure of being 1 out of 5 agents interviewed to list a home? If you plan on winning that listing you‘ll need plenty of confidence and a plan that works. Success doesn’t just happen. Use our simple 4 step listing process to close the deal and send those other agents home empty handed.

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After building a relational bridge to clients and dealing with their most pressing questions, its time to present yourself as the plan. The plan moves a client from “what I have” to “what I need”. The strategy is to demonstrate that your personality fit, level of professionalism, and successful selling techniques are superior to your competition. Position yourself as the best solution to sell their home.

There are 4 gates you must pass through before being chosen as a listing agent.

There are 4 gates you must pass through before being chosen as a listing agent. Your client must say yes to each one or you will miss this deal. Order is important. Never allow a client to move you out of this order. If they ask a question that changes this order, defer the question by telling them you’ll get to that question later. Try saying “That’s a great question - we’ll get there in just a moment.” or “You’re two steps ahead of me - I’ll get there soon.” 

AGENT: You must first sell yourself as the right person for the job. Fail here, and the rest of the appointment is a waste of time. Give a brief bio of yourself that asks and answers the question as to why you are the best agent to sell their home. Focus on the positive. Frame all the data. When I was younger, I used words like "energy" and "persistence" in my presentation. Now that I have gray hair, I focus on "experience" instead. Also use this time to address any potential concerns your client might have about you. For example, when an avid golfer interviewed me, I knew he would prefer working with an agent who played golf more than me. During my bio I mentioned that I loved the sport but wasn’t able to devote time to it because I spent so much time working at selling houses rather than leisure time on the links. I got the listing.

COMPANY: Once you’re confident you’ve won them over, offer a few sentences about how great your brokerage is. Again, frame everything in the positive. I started out in a small brokerage then moved my license to Five Star. So now I could no longer tell clients their business would be a top priority and highly valued by our small company. Five Star is just too large a brokerage for someone to accept that statement. So instead, I focused on the power and influence such a large brokerage has in the real estate community. And in either case, none of it was BS. I merely echoed the perception people think of when dealing with large and small companies. Just surfing the wave.

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Provide a list of marketing efforts you’re going to perform in selling their home. Make a long list. Here’s one of my favorites – “Use Public Search Stats”. Differentiate yourself from other agents. Ask about services other agents offer so that you can identify whom your competitors are and tweak your presentation to come out on top.

PRICE: Always sell the cost of your services last. No one can determine if it’s a good value until they know the work you’re going to do for them. This is when it’s great to have flexibility to tailor your pricing to meet their needs precisely.

Confident your client is sold on you, your company, service and pricing? Do they believe you are the right agent for the job? It’s time to place listing documents on the table and start with an estimated Seller’s Net Sheet. Otherwise, ask more questions to determine where they are hesitant to move forward.

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