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Make Closings Easier

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This is probably the shortest post you’ll ever see from me. It doesn’t require many words to explain how to have the smoothest closings ever. I'm amazed that so many agents forget to incorporate something so simple.

Adding these two steps to your closing routine will make your life easier, and your clients happier.

Communicate every week with everyone. I spend every Monday morning working through my closing files to move everything to the next step. After completing a purchase agreement, I promise to communicate to my client by email at least once a week and am available to answer any questions anytime. I use a series of prewritten email texts that are kept in a Word document so I don’t need to rewrite the same information over and over again. I cut and paste the body of information into an email and customize it for each client and their needs. Every email contains a report about the results of last week’s tasks, a general update on what’s happening this week and a “next steps” section identifying tasks they need complete in the coming week. I answer every client question before they have a chance to ask it. Works like a charm. In addition to keeping my clients informed, it also keeps them calm. They are confident I know what I’m doing and learn to trust my professional approach.

Use a Closing Checklist. It doesn’t matter if you only close one transaction a quarter or one every single day, its important to stay organized. A checklist can remind you what documents still need to be gathered, who needs to be contacted and what tasks still need to be completed this week. Spending a few minutes with a checklist each Monday morning will guarantee s smoother closing and happier clients.

Feel free to download and use a copy of my checklist HERE.

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