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3 Signs You Need a Mentor

Ever notice the agents in your office are more than co-workers? They are your competition. This occurred to me the first week I hung my license. Those guys didn’t care if I showed up at all. If it weren’t for the help of a good broker and a strong desire to succeed, I don’t know if I could’ve made it in real estate. Success comes to agents who are well trained and receive on-going support. If you’ve ever considered finding a mentor, here are 3 signs you might need one.

The 90 day wonder has passed. There is a phenomenon in selling known as the 90 day wonder. As you spent time taking classes and preparing for your real estate exam, you were also sharing those experiences with friends and family. And those contemplating either selling or buying real estate waited until you were licensed and ready to help them. You started your new career with a burst of activity. It felt like you were headed for stardom…until those leads dried up. Sooner or later every agent must reach beyond friends and family to build a lasting, successful career…and we can show you how it’s done.

“Want to reach peak performance? Keep reading…”

Lack of confidence. It’s tough walking into listing appointments knowing you might be the least qualified agent being interviewed. Confidence comes through training and preparation, and that may be the most important ingredient you will receive from an experienced mentor.

Difficulty in increasing your selling/listing ratios. Warning! Bold statement ahead: If you are not listing at least 90% of your presentations, you are doing something wrong. A mentor will help guide and refine your marketing, presentation and selling techniques.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the real estate industry or been around for a few years. We offer our agents as much assistance as they need to help them reach their peak performance, including a mentor.

And how much does all this cost?


We believe it’s a broker’s job to assist in your success. Mentoring is a natural part of the relationship – not something that should be charged extra for. Since it’s also my job to recruit and train agents, let me tell you how wonderful we really are :)… Here’s what Best Homes of Michigan can offer you:

100% Commission

No hidden fees

Free agent website

Free Personal Marketing Team

24/7 Broker Support

Stellar Administrative Support

Company paid NAR, MAR, local board, MLS access, E&O, and ConEd

Simple, Inexpensive Fee Structure $169/month covers EVERYTHING.

See our client website:

See our agent resource website:

You can reach John at (616) 292-3700 or

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