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Winning Expired Listings

There is an old phrase in real estate: “The second mouse gets the cheese.”

That poor first mouse. He found the cheese. Worked hard to get the cheese and WHAM! He sacrificed everything and lost it all. Ever feel like that as an agent? I have, but I’ve also learned how to become the second mouse. During a listing appointment, a few key questions will expose what other competing agents are promising – and if their promises are too good to be true, speak truth. Expose lies. Being forthright should earn the listing.

But what if it doesn’t?

“Winning expired listings is easy, if you know the right approach.”

Here are two keys to successfully approach any expired listing.

Knock on the door. Do not mail information to expired listings. Their mailbox is full of letters from lazy real estate agents promising better results. If there is a listing to be won, the agent who actually connects with them will win it.

Ask five leading questions. Memorize and ask these questions to determine why the home didn’t sell, if the seller is still interested in selling, and whether the seller has reasonable expectations (if they don’t, don’t waste your time).

I see your home expired on the MLS. Are you still interested in selling it?

Do you have any idea why it didn’t sell?

Do you know how the home was marketed?

Did you receive weekly updates from your agent identifying the number of times your home was searched on the Internet and how many of those buyers sought more information about your house? (Read my post GRAR – Use Public Search Stats).

What are your plans for selling your home now?

By demonstrating more professionalism, you’ve created a contrast with the former agent. They have given you enough information to understand their needs. Use creativity to position yourself as the answer to their home selling problem. Move forward and ask to schedule a listing appointment so you can explain the difference in your selling strategy.

So, whats your strategy to winning expireds? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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