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The secret to listing homes.

Can you build a perfect, irresistible listing presentation? Absolutely, YES! But there is a catch. I can share information that will win listings but you must adapt, mold and apply that information so that it fits you perfectly. What fits one agent may not work for another. It takes time, trial, honesty and a willingness to tinker with it until it is dialed into your style and skill set. To get started, here are a few general rules…

“If you’re not winning 95% of your listing presentations, you might be doing something wrong.”

Words are critical. Use your words sparingly because every word either brings you closer to a sale or further from it. Memorize your listing presentation to the point it flows naturally and never appears mechanical. Practice your presentation on your spouse, family, pets and if you are especially daring, a video camera. Placing the right words, in the right sequence with the right timing separates professional agents from newbies.

Ask questions. Most agents talk too much. Asking questions throughout a presentation keeps your clients engaged. Their answers indicate a willingness to proceed to the next presentation segment. An unclear answer may indicate you need to circle around and explain something further. It makes no sense to proceed until your client understands and is engaged in the process.

Use humor. If you can get them to laugh, you can get them to list . ‘Nuf said.

Take control. Remember that you are the professional at this meeting and your clients are relying on you to lead them through the process.

Frame information. Data means nothing without context. Every piece of information you offer must be presented so that it compares and contrasts to something else. For example, saying you closed 150 transactions last year means nothing to the average client. Saying “the average agent in this area closes 12 transactions per year but I handle that many by the end of January each year” answers their real question.

Evaluate afterwards. There are 4 steps in the Perfect Listing Presentation: The Greeting, The Answer, The Plan and The Close (more on those in future posts). Each of those segments have a specific goal to accomplish. Evaluate how you managed each of those sections and if you achieved each goal. Breaking your presentation into smaller portions and evaluating each segment will help identify weak areas needing improvement. And don’t use your evaluation as a means to beat yourself up. Instead, think of it as in-the-field training.

With a little effort, I can help you become the top real estate agent in your market. I am willing to share my best business secrets. If you want to continue receiving this agent training, simply subscribe below. No cost. No obligation. Sure, you’ll occasionally see an advertisement or two about how wonderful our brokerage is (like the one above…hint…click on it…) But that’s a small price to pay to get the best agent advice available. Don’t you think so?

How successful are you at winning listings? Share your tips, ideas and questions in the comment section below.

Find out what our brokerage can offer you.

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