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Use Public Search Stats

Using GRAR’s Public Search Stats is free, easy and effective and your competition doesn’t know it exists. Use it to build your professional image, expand your market intelligence and give yourself another darn good excuse to contact your clients regularly.

Ever heard this one from unhappy sellers about their agent? “He listed my home and I never heard from him again.”

Using the GRAR Public Search Stats, clients will receive weekly updates about your marketing reach. Input their email address once and everything happens automatically until you turn it off. Every Monday morning, you and your client will receive an email containing two important data bits. One indicates how many times a property was returned in a search. Often this number is in the hundreds and even thousands of times someone found your listing online within the past week. Clients will no longer wonder if their home is being seen by buyers. The other number is more telling. It calculates the number of times someone clicked through the listing to get more information.

Searches turn into clicks. And clicks turn into tours. And tours turn into offers.

Face it, there are 3 things that sell houses on the MLS: price, photos and description. If those 3 items are attractive, buyers will click through for more information. Agents control only listing photos and description. And from day one, make sure clients are happy with both. The price however, is solely in our client’s hands. Remind home sellers to listen to feedback. And if no one shows up to see it, buyers are speaking pretty loudly I’d say. Is it OK for sellers to start their asking price slightly on the high side? Sure it is. But warn them they will see the impact of that decision weekly. If there is a low percentage of click-through, it should become obvious what the solution is. Truth is, sometimes photos and descriptions need improvement, but more often the needle can be moved with a significant price reduction. Each Monday, use the Public Search Stats as an excuse to contact home-sellers to discuss using that information to get their home SOLD.

Accessing this free benefit is easy. Log onto GRAR Membership. In the upper right-hand corner, click on Public Search Stats. There, enter the MLS number and your client’s email address and check the box to receive a copy of it. Simple.

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