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I never planned to sell real estate, but it has turned out beautifully.

Day One. Why Blog?

We started a new brokerage Best Homes of Michigan and you’re invited to join us. For those who love history and back-story, here goes…

In 1992, we purchased our first “flip” as an investment. It was a HUD House located on Union Ave NE in Grand Rapid’s Heritage Hill district. Before kids came along, Ruthie and I worked our jobs by day and rehabbed houses by night. After a few flips, we knew real estate was the best business in the world. Soon after, I left my accounting career and cozy office cubicle and headed down the trail to where I find myself today – happily training a fresh batch of real estate agents.

“Whether you join our brokerage or just read our blog,

we can help you become a better real estate agent.”

Flipping houses was fun and through the late 1990’s, was fairly profitable. I was handling enough properties to require getting a real estate license. That’s why I became a Realtor. Not only was I earning a living through real estate investments, I was finding clients by teaching classes on foreclosures throughout southwest Michigan.

After completing the broker exam in 2004, Ruthie and I started our own brokerage, JT Henderson & Associates. Over the last several years we have tried new ideas, learned a lot, and built a successful system for real estate agents.

We bundled everything an agent needs for success into one new brokerage, Best Homes of Michigan. We choose this name for a number of reasons.

  • It’s client-focused. We sell only the best homes – theirs.

  • It’s a great advertising tagline: Who Sells the Best Homes in (pick your city)?

  • It’s agent-centric. New broker models center around agents and their needs. Using a broker’s last name or the number of stars they prefer does not convey anything beneficial about the agent (sure, I’ve seen 4, 5, and even 6 Star brokers, but I am not certain who rated them so). Agents must build for themselves a reputation of honest, fair-dealing and exceptional service.

We’ve enjoyed a successful career in this industry and now its time to share what we’ve learned. Let’s bust old stereotypes by building better systems. Whether you join our brokerage or just read our blog, we can help you become a better real estate professional in the world’s greatest business.

Have a comment or question to cover in future posts? I’d love to hear from you. But beware - I reserve the right to delete offensive or off-point posts.

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