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The HOW TO Guide of Listing Presentations
Instructor: John Henderson

0:17 Minutes

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Module 2 Lesson 6 – Phrases that work


Pulling the trigger to enlist your services can be difficult for many folks. I’ve used these simple phrases and it works nearly every time I’ve tried it. Sometimes a client just needs a little more convincing. 


Throughout the listing presentation, I assess how well I’m connecting with my client. When finished, I move into the closing portion of my presentation. From there, it’s easy to get their signatures on the listing agreement.


But sometimes, it’s not. 


They may say they need more time before deciding. Trust me, they don’t really need more time. They’re just looking for a way to postpone an important decision. 


It doesn’t matter how great you and your presentation are. Sometimes folks just struggle to make decisions. So, you need a little something extra in your sales repertoire to get them over that bump in the road. 


Time vs. Information  


Try this; “I can sense you’re a little hesitant to move forward with this plan. And that’s completely OK. When I struggle with any decision, I ask myself, ‘Do I need more time or more information in order to make the right choice?’ Sometimes, timing really is the issue. Maybe this isn’t the right time to sell your home. However, based on our conversation, I think you can see this is good timing for you. (If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t recommend it.) So that leaves us with a need for more information. Let’s take a fast walk back through what we discussed already…”


From that point, I bullet point through each main statement and ask if they’re comfortable with it or need more information about each point. Once I know every question they have has been adequately answered, I move back into the closing portion. That usually is enough to seal the deal. 


Columbo Close


But let’s be honest. Some people are still resistant to list with an agent. There may be other factors involved that are far beyond an agent’s control or ability to resolve. Finding thatobjective may be the last win necessary. That’s when it’s time to move into the Columbo Closing. It’s the “Hail Mary” of closing techniques.  


Smile. Stand up and prepare to leave. With your hand on the doorknob – when their sales resistance is at it’s lowest – turn and ask: “You know, I earn my living by helping people sell houses. And it would be very helpful to me if you wouldn’t mind sharing with me the reason – the real reason – why you’re not listing with me today?”  Often, that’s enough to pry the final objection out into the open. On that, simply head back to the table saying, “Oh I should have covered that information better.” And start at that point in your listing presentation again.


Bold? You bet! But does it work? Like a champ.

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