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The HOW TO Guide of Listing Presentations
Instructor: John Henderson

0:22 Minutes

What if they disagree on your pricing recommendation?

Really, it’s always the client who determines the listing price of a property. They have heard your best professional advice. Sometimes, even the most reasoned guidance is ignored. If they want to offer their home at a price that is higher than your recommended range, let them. But there is one caveat – It’s OK to list at a higher price so long as they are willing to listen to showing feedback, heed what the market is saying, and be willing to adjust their price accordingly. And sometimes the loudest market feedback occurs when no one shows up. Then, it’s time to move clients toward reality. 


Creatively try to negotiate a plan that will move them to accept your professional recommendations. Try, “It’s fine to list at a price you’re more comfortable with, provided you’re willing to listen to buyer feedback and make adjustments accordingly.”


Here’s the key point – Answer your client’s questions first. Don’t move forward with your presentation until all objections are removed. If they aren’t cleared, the client will still be holding onto them when you ask for the listing. 

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