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The HOW TO Guide of Listing Presentations
Instructor: John Henderson
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Module 2 Lesson 2 – The Greeting


The goal of The Greeting is building rapport with your client.

Ready to ring the doorbell? The next 5 minutes can make or break your appointment.


If you thought greeting a client was simply saying “Hi!” – you’d be wrong. Listing property is both art and science. A successful greeting will set the stage for a signed listing agreement later. There is plenty of relational science going on here, so don’t miss it.

Be on time. If you’re going to be more than five minutes late, call ahead. 

Ask about your shoes. 50% of Michigan homeowners prefer that you remove your shoes when entering a home. Asking them is a courteous gesture that only makes you look considerate and professional. 


Set the stage. When entering the home, decide where you want to make your presentation. Steer the owner to that location. Don’t let them sit anywhere you cannot make a presentation or complete your listing documents. They instinctively will direct you to where they entertain company – but you’re not there to socialize. Choose a place where you can spread out papers and fill out forms - most likely the kitchen or dining room table.  


Tour the home. Before siting down, tour the home completely. I am surprised by how many agents just sit down and start talking. You cannot make a judgment or offer professional advice about a house you have not seen yet. Open every door.
Look over the furnace, AC and electrical panels. Take notes throughout the tour of items you’ll need to remember when listing the property. Look for repair or improvement issues that need to be addressed.


Get chatty. Use the walking tour to talk, gather information and build rapport. Ask about the history of the home, what they like about the neighborhood, their moving plans and what they think the value of their home is. 

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