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The HOW TO Guide of Listing Presentations
Instructor: John Henderson

0:32 Minutes

Module 1 – Self-Assessment Review

(We suggest printing this page as a study guide for the final exam, * = CORRECT answer)


Adding your photo to business cards is a smart idea because …


*A. It becomes more memorable and more likely to be kept.
B. You can be easily identified by potential clients.
C. People can judge you more favorably.
D. It becomes obvious if you’ve aged since your last photo.
An agent biography should always convey:


A. You have struggled to earn a good reputation.
*B. You are the right person for the job.
C. You have a college education.
D. You’ve been in business for more than 1 year. 


A Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) should:


A. It should wow your client with your professional approach and knowledge. 
B. It should dissuade your clients of incorrect market information.
C. It should present your client with a reasonable range of value. 
* D. All the above.


An estimated net sheet describes:

A. The home selling process.
B. The agents selling statistics.
C. The list of repairs needed before listing.
* D. The expected cost a seller will encounter when selling their home.


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