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The HOW TO Guide of Listing Presentations
Instructor: John Henderson

0:36 Minutes

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Module 1 Lesson 5 – Listing Package


What’s in your listing package? To win listings, verbal presentations need to be well-organized, thoughtful and articulate. Accompanying written materials need to support and enhance what clients hear. 


Here’s what well-dressed presentation looks like.


Bring two copies of your presentation material to the listing appointment. That way, one copy can be left with the client in a nice, company-logo presentation folder along with a few business cards. It will act as a marketing tool as client’s compare your material with competing agent’s work. Keep a copy that contains all notes taken during the listing appointment. You’ll appreciate having that information when you list the property later.


Here’s what to include: 


Agent Cover Page – A color photo of yourself with contact information, photos of your yard sign and marketing tools. Add a list of items that separate you from the competition. 


Previous MLS listing sheets – Shows you have plenty of history on the property.


County Tax information – Print county parcel records & map.


Tax Proration Worksheet – Calculation of property taxes per diem.


General Market CMA & Map– School district, number of bedrooms and baths.


Specific Neighborhood CMA & Map – Specific to seller’s neighborhood.


Photos of neighborhood SOLDS – For comparison.


Appreciation Forecaster – Valuations methods which also includes RPR and Zillow. 


Estimated Sellers Net Sheet – Calculates net proceeds from the sale. (Honestly, I normally carry two net sheets – with different selling prices depending on what condition I see the house is in.)  


Include all the forms necessary to list a house – Agency Disclosure, Seller’s Disclosure, LBP Disclosure and Listing Service Agreement.

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