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0:48 Minutes

Legal Update 2020
Instructor: John Henderson

Module 0  - Course Outline

Total Course Time =  54 minutes

                                                                                                            Total Module Time

Module 0 – Course Orientation                                                                 = 7 min

A .Course Outline                                                                 1 min
B. Course Objectives                                                           1 min

C. Course Information                                                        4 min

D. Course Instructor Information                                     1 min


Module 1 - Legal Update 2020                                                                  = 39 min

Agency                                                                                   1 min

     Colorado Real Estate Commission v. Vizzi               
Brokerage Practices                                                            7 min
     Miller v. Crescent Homes Tennessee                         
     N.C. DOT v. Mission Battleground Park                                 
     Leanne Silver v. Chase Props                                     
     Chinitz v. NRT West, Inc.                                              
Contracts                                                                               6 min

     Phelps v. Caperoon                                                                   

     Green Meadow Realty vs. Gillock                                           

     Proulx vs.1400 PA Ave SE, LLC                                             

     NNN Durham Office Portfolio 1, LLC                          
Fair Housing                                                                         2 min
     Francis v. Kings Park Manor, Inc.                                           
     Apartment Association of Metropolitan Pittsburg, Inc.
     v. The City of Pittsburg                                                  
Foreclosure                                                                           2 min

     Sakal v. Assn. of Apt. Owners of Hawaiian Monarch           
Licensing                                                                               2 min
     Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services          
Misrepresentation                                                             10 min
     Edson v. Fogarty                                                            
     Briggs v. Kidd & Leavy Real Estate Co.                     

     Apperson, et al. v. Intracoastal Realty Corp              
     Belizaire v. Keller Williams Landmark II                     

     Reperex, Inc. v. Coldwell Banker Commercial          

     Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc. v. Dugas                  

Mortgage                                                                              2 min
     Newsom v. Branch Banking & Tr. Co.                        

Real estate Teams                                                               3 min
     Capps v. Harris, et al     
     Rainsdon v. Win Realty, LLLP                                                 
RESPA                                                                                    2 min
     Matter of New York State Land Title Association, Inc. 
     v. New York State Department of Financial Services          

Unlicensed Activity                                                              7 min
     Dundics v. Eric Petroleum Corp                                               

     Eskenazi v. Slover                                                                     
     Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Inv. Servs. of Nev. 
     v. Decker                                                                         
Wire Fraud                                                                            3 min
     Bain v. Platinum Realty                                                 


Course Summary                                                                                         =  6 min

Final Exam                                                                            2 min              

Course Evaluation                                                               4 min


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