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Seller's Disclosure Act of 1993
Instructor: John Henderson

0:32 Minutes

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Module 1 Lesson 3 – The Seller Disclosure form

Statute Summary:

The Seller Disclosure form is described in this lesson. The state requires specific language to be used and not arbitrarily changed by any seller, agent, broker or association.

Instructions to complete the Seller Disclosure form are:

The seller must answer all questions.
Report known conditions affecting the property.
Attach additional pages with your signature if additional space is required.
Complete this form yourself.
If some items do not apply to your property, check NOT AVAILABLE.
If you do not know the facts, check UNKNOWN.
Failure to provide a purchaser with a signed disclosure statement will enable a purchaser to terminate an otherwise binding purchase agreement.


565.957 Disclosure; form.

Sec. 7.

(1) The disclosures required by this act shall be made on the following form:

(2) A form described in subsection (1) printed before January 1, 2006 that was in compliance with this section at that time may be utilized and shall be considered in compliance with this section until April 1, 2006.

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