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More Disclosures
Instructor: John Henderson

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Module 2 Lesson 3 – Limited Service Waiver

The Michigan Legislature allows for some agent duties to be waived provided the waiver is written and agreed to by the client. The required language for such waivers are provided in the statute and must be separate from the Disclosure of Agency Relationship document. Duties that can be waived are:

1. Accept, deliver and present offers and counteroffers to client.

2. Assist in developing, communicating, negotiating, and presenting offers.

3. Assist to complete the transaction.


339.2517 (4)


(4) On a separate form, the following information in the following format shall be provided to a client desiring to waive any of the services required under section 2512d(3)(b), (c), and (d) by execution of a limited service agreement:



Pursuant to Michigan law certain services provided by 

a real estate licensee may be waived.

A real estate licensee is required to perform certain

services for his or her client unless these services are

 waived by the client. By signing below, you agree that 

the real estate licensee will not be required to perform 

the services initialed (only initial the services waived).

Initial if waived:

—Acceptance of delivery and presenta-

tion of offers and counteroffers

to buy, sell, or lease your

property or the property you

seek to purchase or lease. ______ ______

—Assistance in developing, communica-

ting, negotiating, and presenting

offers, counteroffers, and related

documents or notices until a purchase

or lease agreement is executed by all

parties and all contingencies are

satisfied or waived. ______ ______

—After execution of a purchase 

agreement by all parties,

assistance as necessary to complete

the transaction under the terms

specified in the purchase agreement. ______ ______


Agreement to Waive

  By signing below, I acknowledge that the duties owed to me pursuant to Michigan law have been explained to me and that I knowingly agree that the real estate licensee who represents me will not provide the services that are initialed above. I also understand that in any proposed real estate transaction, no other real estate licensee is required to provide the waived services unless I subsequently hire them to do so. I also acknowledge that in order to protect my interests I may need to retain other professionals, such as an attorney.


_________________________________     ____________________

Seller or Buyer                                   Date

_________________________________     ____________________

Seller or Buyer                                   Date

_________________________________     ____________________

Real Estate Broker or Salesperson Date


Brokerage Name

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